Professional Development

For Psychotherapists, counselors, bodyworkers and those in related fields

Human beings can indeed help other humans to change – to find meaning in their lives, to heal old wounds and to find more effective ways of being in the world. The most important way we do that is through the quality of our relationships. Studies have shown that it is not the techniques used in therapy but the therapist-client relationship which has the greatest effect on a client’s ability to change.

“I first encountered Hakomi therapy at an introductory workshop for therapists held in Edmonton some 15 years ago.  I was delighted to discover a therapy so grounded in the here and now, so devoted to creating safety for the client and and finally, so directed toward helping the client learn about themselves through focussing on their own immediate experience.  Since then I have experienced the power of Hakomi therapy many times, both as therapist and client.  It continues to influence both my professional and personal life in profoundly helpful ways.” -David Brown,  Retired Therapist, Vancouver

Hakomi offers an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others, and an ability to convey this understanding to clients. This empathy and responsiveness helps to create a deep sense of safety and connection, and facilitates the effectiveness of the therapy. Hakomi’s highly innovative techniques and the self-development of the therapist are the core of the training.

For you as a therapist, it gives you an elegant method that will help you work with more ease, in a mindful, co-operative and authentic way of being. It can bring back a sense of creativity, inspiration and personal nourishment into your work.

The Professional Development workshops are 2 to 4 days long, depending on the topic.

“Learning Hakomi has been a blessing for me professionally. This gentle and effective mindfulness-based method helps client access and transform limiting material, anchor insights gained in therapy, and make meaningful changes in their lives. I use Hakomi with all my clients, either as a primary treatment modality, or in combination with cognitive-behavioural, emotionally focused therapy, or psychodynamic principles. I highly recommend Hakomi for all therapists who wish to deepen their work.”
-Susanne Schibler, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, Certified Hakomi Therapist


The Hakomi Institute of BC, is no longer a non-profit teaching society offering a regular program of workshops. The  teachers listed on the Teaching Staff page are faculty of the International Hakomi Institute however, and can teach privately.   If any group or agency would like a workshop designed for them, please contact one of the teachers listed on the Teachers page.