Teaching Staff

beth_cr_smBeth Falch-Nielsen is a long term faculty member in the Internatoinal Hakomi Institute, and teaches in BC, Alberta and Portland, OR. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor as well as a Certified Hakomi Therapist. She has been in the counselling field for over 30 years and has maintained a private practice for over 20 years. She sees clients in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and teaches in BC, Alberta, and Portland,OR. Besides working with individuals, she also specializes in doing couples work.

604-566-1109 hakomibeth@shaw.ca

Jon Eisman is a guest trainer for the BC area and is a founding member and a Senior Trainer of The Hakomi Institute in Boulder, Colorado and Director of Hakomi of Oregon. Jon has made enormous contributions to the Hakomi methods. He is also the creator of the Re-Creation of the Self-Approach to Human Dynamics. Jon teaches workshops and trainings throughout the world.

Jaci Hull, M.A. is a guest trainer for the BC area. Jaci has trained extensively in traditional and contemporary approaches to psychotherapy. Her expertise includes Contemplative Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, EMDR, Group Leadership, Somatic Resolution of Trauma and Hakomi. Jaci is a Trainer for the Hakomi Institute and serves as adjunct faculty for the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Jaci has maintained a private practice for over 17 years in addition to leading workshops and trainings in Canada and the U.S.A.


glen51Glen Timms
is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher practising in Victoria, BC. He was a founding member of the former Hakomi Institute of BC.

Magi Cooper was a founding member of the former Hakomi Institute of B.C. She is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Teacher who is actively involved as teaching faculty for the Hakomi Method. She is in private practice in Nanaimo, BC.

If any agency or group would like a workshop designed for them, please contact  Beth Falch-Nielsen in Vancouver, Glen Timms in Victoria, or Magi Cooper in Nanaimo.