Personal Development

Hakomi Personal Growth Workshops:

Are you wanting some healing, or hope for change? Are you looking for new tools and insights to help you get unstuck? Does your relationship need an infusion of new inspiration or guidance or intervention? Are you looking for better skills to help you change your life or your relationships?

Hakomi personal growth workshops offer all of that. They will give you an opportunity to “press the pause button”. Using mindfulness to help you find out what’s keeping you stuck, what you really want and new ways to go for that - whether it is in relationships, your work, or your own personal development and healing. It will help you finish “fighting the demons from the past” and learn to be in the present moment.

All workshops will be weekend workshops of either 2, 3 or 4 day formats.


“I found the Hakomi weekend to be a really positive experience. The exercises we were invited to participate in helped me to learn about my patterns and to try something different. By the end of the workshop I had, not only an understanding of the principles of this humanistic approach but, the felt sense of being more grounded, connected and empowered through asking for what I want and receiving it in a spirit of genuine care and connection. I have done other workshops and followed other models over the last 20 years and found the principles of Hakomi to be the best fit, so far, for me. I am pleased (and a little surprised) by the impact just one weekend has made on the quality of my life and look forward to any additional workshops offered.”-S. Serra - Calgary workshop entitled  “A tall Glass of Water in a Dry Land:  Taking in Nourishment.

“We recommend this workshop to any couple looking for an I/eye opening experience. Even after 30 years together, during our weekend we discovered a greater appreciation for each other, ourselves, and the parts we play in our adventure together. Most importantly we came away with practical tools to help us build a stronger relationship.”- Diane and David Pope, Vancouver Island

“We have attended two couples workshops with Beth and have found them to be invaluable experiences in enhancing our relationship. Beth is an insightful, accessible, and effective therapist and teacher who is easy to understand and has helped us to get back on track in our relationship when we have drifted away from each other. She provides a solid base of theory supplemented with practical exercises which help to connect theory to real life. The experiential practices in the workshop also solidified the learning and gave us something to use at home when we became “”stuck”". We would highly recommend Beth’’s couples” workshop to other couples who are either experiencing difficulties in their relationship or who would like to improve on what is already working for them.”-Diane P. and Pat H., Edmonton, Alberta

The Hakomi Institute of BC, is no longer a non-profit teaching society offering a regular program of workshops. The  teachers listed on the Teaching Staff page are faculty of the International Hakomi Institute however, and can teach privately.   If any group or agency would like a workshop designed for them, please contact one of the teachers listed on the Teachers page.